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Sponsor Katie Sutherland

Please help us fundraise.

Katie Sutherland
[100 % of goal]
Aug 22, 2009 8:45 AM
My Message
I'm Katie Sutherland and I received the gift of life, a double-lung transplant, in August 2008. I will be participating in the Team SickKids World Transplant Games from August 22, till August 30, 2009. By pledging me for this event, you will help take a team of SickKids patients who have undergone transplantation at SickKids to compete in the 17th World Transplant Games. Thanks for your help!

My Donors

Valentino's Hair Salon/ Sinclair S.S. Cut-a-thon 

Randy Pilon 

Sinclair S.S. Fundraisers 

Fallingbrook Public School Fundraiser 

Lindsay Baxter 

Peter Creer 

Mariette Rozon 


James Hamilton 

Marieta Graham 

Rob and Julie Uraisami 

Derrick Speakman 

Michael Barrett 

Mariette Rozon 

Jackie Stokoe 

Sandy McDermott 

Garry Cameron 

William and Judith Block 


Terry & Diane Cretney 

Dan and Jeri Fortin 

Brenda Grant 

Jack and Paula Goodman 

Jim & Rita Barb.& Wayne White 

Colin and Linda Duke 

Julie Barton 

Ken and Shirley Storr 

Harold Kay 

Paul, Sue & Katie Locke 

Paul & Judy Goodman 

Chris & Kristi Contini 

Roxanne Curtis 

Karen Clarke 

Michele Thomas 

Nancy Sarlo 

Janet Linnell 

Andrea (WGHA Midget A Team) Bateman 

Duane, Andrea, Ben and Samantha Bateman 

John Bloom 

Glenda Thompson 


Vivian Callaghan 

Fred & Joyce Shannon 

Gordon Lang