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Robert's Run

This is a virtual race for kids, promoted through friends and the running community. Any child can enter for a $2 donation to SickKids.

Name: Cynthia O'Halloran
Amount Raised: $163.59
Fundraising Goal: $250.00

Kids Running For Kids

Thank you for taking the time to visit my fundraising page. My oldest son, Robert, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in March, 2006. Twenty-four later, he was prepped for surgery - prognosis unknown. Now, four years later, he is healthy, happy, and loving music, sports and life - all thanks to Sick Kids in Toronto.

Goal: $250
Raised: $164
Sponsors: 6
65% of goal achieved

My Supporters

Amanda (MissZippy) Loudin 

Kelly Collins 

Friends of SickKids Foundation 

Cynthia O'Halloran 

Molly Baker 

Nancy Parkhill 

For more information about our campaign, please call or email us.